Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lightning DromDrom #18

I put the name of the owner 
on the back of each DromDrom.

This 80's Lightning DromDrom is another Africa edition.
This is the first time I have used vivid colors like these
and I am very happy with the outcome.
Different, but I like it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

#17 Plaid DromDrom

#17 Plaid DromDrom!
I made this bag from old wool skirts and corduroy pants.
I pieced together several different fabrics, like I was making a quilt
to make the body of the DromDrom.

I have not posted in a while because I just got a job in the hospital.
Full time student + full time transporter = Not much time.

BUT, I will continue making time to create DromDroms
because I am raising money to go to Africa!
I have been to Uganda once before and have been longing to go back to Africa.

I am going to Ethiopia and Rwanda to love on orphaned children there.
So if you buy a DromDrom before December,
All the money goes towards my Africa Trip!!