Monday, August 29, 2011

#15 Cloud DromDrom

(sorry about the bottle...just trying to add some juxtaposition)

I made this Cloud DromDrom out of a pair of light denim pants.
The floral fabric is actually a couple dinner napkins.
I have recently been on a lot of airplanes,
and the patterns the land makes are incredible.
I also love being on the same level as the clouds.
They are pretty fascinating when you get to see them that close up.


  1. Oh. MY. GOD. I love this one. Have you sold it yet!??!?!

  2. I have not sold it yet!!!! You want a cloud dromdrom? :)

  3. They go for $60 plus shipping (like $5)

  4. Umm, YES PLEASE! I'm totally serious. =) E-mail me!