Wednesday, August 31, 2011

#16 Rainbow Shoulder DromDrom

This Rainbow DromDrom is the first shoulder bag I have made.
Its made from a pair of  XL corduroy jeans.
I really enjoyed the construction process.
There will definitely be more shoulder bags coming out.

I made this DromDrom for my dear friend, Emily.
She wanted a bag that would be easy to wear while she bikes.
It is super comfy and is more compact than the other DromDroms.


  1. EMILY DENTON!?!?! I grew up with her & her sister, when we were wee little lasses & they lived near me. Small world. And, that is freakin' awesome. I love love love it. I want everyone in our GSA to buy one, cause they're super cool. =)

    Have you noticed that I'm obsessed with your bags? haha. I'm a creep.

  2. karlie you are so cool...emily you rock that bag girl hope you are doing awesome!